We work from three spheres of transformation:

As people, our capacities and qualities, values and beliefs, behaviors and ways of life;

As organizations (or groups, or networks) of people who relate to each other with common goals or needs;

And as territories we inhabit, the relationships that create communities and connect them with the natural and urban environment.


Our initiatives focused on eco-social transformation on a personal sphere are aimed at developing personal competencies (soft skills) and techniques (hard skills) to strengthen agency and participation as active parts of organizations, communities and society.

At this level we design and teach courses, trainings and transformative events. These are the trainings and workshops that we carry out more regularly; we also design ad hoc training programs to respond to specific needs, in the thematic fields that we work on.

  • Facilitation of group processes
  • Visual facilitation
  • Eco-social innovation
  • Entrepreneurship with positive impact
  • Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Processwork Forums
  • Design for Sustainability and Ecodesign
  • Transformative and Participatory Leadership
  • Environmental Conflicts
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Personal and Community Resilience


En la esfera organizacional, apoyamos a las organizaciones, grupos y redes a mejorar los procesos de colaboración entre las personas o entidades que forman parte, para lograr una mejor eficacia en el logro de sus objetivos. Ayudamos a explorar de una manera colaborativa los elementos clave que obstaculizan el trabajo y a generar soluciones para salvarlos.

Los principales procesos que diseñamos y facilitamos con organizaciones y redes son:


On the territorial sphere, we work with local communities to generate participatory diagnoses and co-design strategies to strengthen their resilience and improve their sustainability. We analyze drivers of change to plan roadmaps.

The main processes that we design and facilitate on a territorial scale are:

  • Local / territorial action plans for sustainability, adaptation to climate change or resilience
  • Development and improvement of adaptive governance
  • Inquiry and planning processes: Future Scenarios, Wayfinder, Narratives of Change, Theory of Change
  • Eco-social Innovation Labs for Sustainability
  • Citizen participation processes
  • Community activation games: Go Deep, Oasis
  • Co-design and participatory implementation of Nature-based Solutions
  • Regeneration of socio-ecosystems
  • Participatory territorial management plans
  • Prevention and transformation of environmental conflicts

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