> The art of transforming us into a culture of sustainability.

We live in the space of the complex, of the uncertain.

Scientific knowledge gives us a solid basis for the diagnosis of a good part of the ecosocial problem, it provides rigorous and proven information. It deepens into questions and challenges. But in order to get closer to understanding the complex reality and to find ways out of the great eco-social challenges, we need to complement visions, knowledge and wisdom, we need to integrate diverse ways of observing and interpreting reality. Here, art and culture have a significant role; they help to generate a new imaginary, and can add creativity for the generation of extraordinary solutions.

Art and Culture can play an important role in generating an effective transformation of lifestyles, modes of production and consumption. Artistic languages mobilize mind and body, emotion, intuitive knowledge. We use them to:

  • Investigate how art can support socio-ecological transformation.
  • Promote projects in the field of culture from the perspective of sustainability, social innovation and participation.
  • Generate transdisciplinary spaces between scientists and artists to prototype solutions to socio-ecological problems.
  • Integrate the gaze of art and culture into eco-social projects that generate a positive impact.

Do you join to foster a culture of resilience and sustainability?


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