> We are a reference in group facilitation in Spain.

We have been facilitating group processes for 10 years with all types of social agents (public, private, academia and third sector), for many types of processes (strategic, creative, conflict resolution, etc.) and in a wide variety of topics (urban sustainability, planning and management of natural resources, personal and organizational skills, gender, consumption, culture, territorial resilience, etc.).

Groups are a space of creativity and collective intelligence, a place to take care of objectives, challenges, processes and people. In order to move towards a more just and sustainable society, we understand that we have new ways of relating, new models of group functioning and leadership that embrace all voices; spaces where conflicts can be transformed into learning for the strengthening of relationships.

To support these processes we rely on the practice of group facilitation: a set of skills, techniques and tools to create the conditions that allow a satisfactory development of group and personal processes; both in achieving their goals and realizing their vision, as in the creation of a relational climate where trust is cultivated and communication is fluid, empathetic and honest. [Source: IIFACE]

We are professional facilitators and active part of IIFACE (International Institute for Facilitation and Change).

  • We promote a better understanding of group functioning from the perspective of systems complexity.
  • We analyze group functioning, and offer individualized technical advice to make them more satisfactory.
  • We offer training applied to specific needs -from strategic planning, participatory models, effective meetings, conflict management, etc.-
  • We increase personal and group competences for the organization and leadership of the group and its meetings.
  • We offer tools to prepare meetings, facilitate dialogue and high quality decission making more effectively in complex spaces.
  • We improve communication skills in groups effectively.
  • We deepen into the conflict understanding to transform them, as an opportunity for group evolution.
  • We develop skills to facilitate effective and satisfactory group functioning.
  • We provide support in the implementation of these practices in organizations.


We offer facilitation trainings from 2010, certificated by the International Institute of Facilitation and Change (IIFAC-E). Click on the picture to visit our specific web for all active trainings.


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