> Good governance and Social Innovation to transform relationships between people and with the planet.

To build the type of solutions we need today, it is essential to integrate the participatory dimension. Opening collective creation spaces so that ‘the new’ emerges; foster relational ecosystems that make it possible to bring together different approaches, perspectives and realities. Building a favorable framework for us to be better able to ideate, innovate and design initiatives that create solutions to the socio-environmental challenges that our society is facing, towards more inclusive, fair, equal and sustainable scenarios. Building solid frameworks so that our communities are able to transform reality towards the common good. We use a variety of methodologies and technologies from social innovation for the planning, design and management of initiatives and processes towards sustainability through citizen empowerment and community building. We incorporate the perspective of gender, diversity and sustainability in all our actions.

  • We design, facilitate and evaluate processes of citizen participation and local development.
  • We elaborate and implement participatory public policy plans.
  • We support the implementation of efficient and prosperous governance models throught collaborative processes, finding synergies between stakeholders.
  • We train in social innovation tools and methodologies; ‘Social Technologies’ such as the Oasis Game, GoDeep, Art of Hosting (World Café, Open Space, etc.)
  • We design and facilitate multisectoral spaces for creativity and innovation, in the shape of Innovation Labs.


Other Work Fields